We are looking to trade rocks & beads from our shop for classic model kits, wood dollhouses and train kits, and other items. Visit our site, and email for more information.

Pittsburgh Hobbies: Resources & Events

PUGDOG Enterprises, Inc. ® and other local shops and groups, are working to bring a new exciting hobby environment to Pittsburgh.

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We are concentrating on the classic crafts like beading, paper crafts, origami, macrame, wood working, dollhouses, model building, model railroading and similar hobbies. Lately, too much emphasis has been put on the "new hobbies" like RC Autos, which do not really foster what we feel are the classic hobby ideals of relaxation, non-competition, team work, and skills building. Sports, and competitions, are not really "hobbies", they are activities. They don't relax and unwind you the same way a "classic" hobby does. They may burn off energy, but they increase adrenalin, competitive behavior, and lack the meditative "quiet" time a "classic" hobby provides.

We are hoping our hobby network, and especially our local Pittsburgh Hobbies effort, will become a place to share your layouts, tips, hints, construction techniques and unique solutions, as well as meet new friends, and maybe start up new clubs. If you have a model or hobby club, and would like to get listed here, on, drop us an email with the particulars, or post in the Pittsburgh Hobby Forums.

Originally, PUGDOG's Rock & Bead shop opened as "Eclectia Hobbies", which seemed to reflect the truly eclectic mix of items we carried. We had dollhouses (pre-built and kits), origami supplies and paper, rocks, crystals, and tumbling supplies, beads and supplies, sci-fi model kits, collectible model kits and TV/Movie Ephemera. We had a nice concentration of other unusual paper crafts, including Quilling and Mizuhiki paper. Unfortunately, the "hobby" in our name seemed to cause some problems for us with groups of kids looking for R/C models.

We changed our name, dropped the "hobby" and concentrated on the "Rock and Bead Shop" aspect of our store, but we still did a brisk trade in Origami, Quilling, and Sci-Fi collectibles.

A short while ago, we made a contact with a local dollhouse shop, Lynlott Miniatures and we are looking forward to holding some joint workshops and increasing the dollhouse & miniature interest in the region. We have set up a Dollhouse Workshops site for discussion of this issue, and have set up a set of forums at Please feel free to join in - there is no charge!

We are planning to have a series of beading and macrame, and possibly origami workshops this summer, and some Bead Brunches on the weekends to add a little excitement (and tasty food) to the beading.

We are working on a plan to carry the most useful, unusual, and really cool hobby SUPPLIES, to allow you to work more creatively within your favorite niche. We hope to carry a full line of miniature wood shapes and trims for scale work from dollhouses and trains to architectural structures. We also plan on carrying a fairly complete line of plastic/styrene shapes and textures and metal shapes and tubes. These are the basic building blocks of all creative model building, and most hobby work.

We will be carrying unusual and handy tools for hobby building, including jigs to make building easier.

Because paints really need to be "fresh", we don't plan on stocking those items until the demand reaches appropriate levels.

We will be phasing these items in over a period of months, leading up to the Christmas Holiday season, and we'd like to know what your interest is. Stop by, or email us.

We are working on the back end of the site, and once we are done, we'll open up.

02 June 2005
We are working on some ideas for bringing hobby excitement back to Pittsburgh, and giving a new generation the benefits of having a real hobby.
02 June 2005
We are starting to figure out what we are doing with this site (and a few others). Keep an eye peeled, and check the other sites listed. and will be the two main sites.

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Coming soon! For now, please visit the for ideas and things to do with your kids, family, friends or just by yourself.

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